5 Tips on Acing Your Supplemental Essays for College Admissions

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Supplemental essays are school specific essays in addition to the required essay or personal statement.  They are even more important than the personal statement and are crucial in demonstrating interest to colleges and help colleges figure out if you are a potential great “FIT”. The term demonstrated interest refers to the ways an applicant shows colleges that they are serious about enrolling if given a chance. In addition to demonstrating interest, supplemental essays give admissions officers a chance to get to know you personally. Supplemental essay prompts are out for many colleges including University of Michigan, University of California, UT Austin, University of Washington, CU Boulder and others. 

  1. Read the essay prompt carefully

Some essay prompts ask about why you are interested in attending their college while others ask about specific programs and majors. If the essay prompt asks about specifics to programs and majors do not respond by talking about the college. 

2. Say something new

Do not repeat information that you have already provided in the Common app or Coalition App. Reveal something new about yourself. If you happen to mention an activity in your essay add specific details to it that cannot be found on the rest of your application. Make sure to balance content amongst all essays you write.

3. Write about yourself

Use every essay to help the college to see that you are the perfect fit. Even while answering the “Why us?” essay make sure to connect specific details on what the college has to offer to what you want or have to offer.

4. Do your research

When the school asks you reasons you choose to go there make sure to do your homework. Dig deeper into the school website to look for specific academic programs, clubs and organizations and activities that you find interesting. Besides the schools website you can use the Fiske GuideUnigo and Campus visits to get to know the school.

5. Recycle and Repurpose your essays

If two or more colleges have similar questions, you can re-use your content. Just be extra cautious while cutting and pasting content to not mix-up the schools names, teams, colors, clubs, programs etc. 

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