College Visit Checklist

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College visits are a great way to gain perspective on whether the school is a good fit for your student. They help students explore what the college has to offer and are a great way to demonstrate interest. This is essential, especially as some colleges track applicant interest closely and also use it as a criteria while evaluating applicants. Here is a handy to-do list to make the most of your visit.

Things to do before the college visit

  1. Research the college ahead of time using Fiske guide, college website, Campus Reel and College Data
  2. If possible, register for an overnight visit or plan visit when school is in session
  3. Sign up for an info session, campus tour, housing tour and interview (if applicable) using the  college website
  4. Prepare a few questions to ask the admissions officer and tour guide

Things to do at the college visit

  1. Attend the info session, campus and housing tours and ask questions
  2. Sit in on a class (or two)
  3. Talk to the faculty in the area of your interest
  4. Eat at the cafeteria
  5. Talk to the students
  6. Pick up the school’s student magazines or newspaper
  7. Don’t forget to take pictures of campus

Things to do after the college visit

  1. Send a thank you follow up e-mail to admissions officer
  2. Maintain a notebook with pictures and notes reflecting upon your visit, while it is still fresh in your mind.
  3. Most importantly see if you can you imagine yourself as a student here.