Paying for College—Resources for Parents and Students During Covid Times*

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Dear Families,

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this Pandemic. For many families the expense of higher education is one of the largest investments they will make. Here are some resources on paying for college that I have put together that you might find useful as you go through the college admissions process in Covid-19 times.

Here you go…

  1. Federal Student Aid Handbook
  2. CSS Profile participating institutions
  3. College Board’s Big Future offers Financial Aid tools such as Net Price Calculator, EFC Calculator and more
  4. Use USNews list to access Net Price Calculators of over 300 National Universities and National Liberal Arts Colleges
  5. Use the FAFS4Caster tool to estimate your federal student aid eligibility and plan when it comes to paying for college
  6. SwiftStudent, a free tool developed by multiple colleges and educational advocacy organizations, has financial aid appeal letter templates available.
  7. How to get more financial aid during the corona virus
  8. Talk to your college to see if they offer tuition insurance. Read more about tuition insurance here
  9. Scholarships

It is important that students do their own research before spending a lot of time searching for and applying to outside scholarships to make sure that if they do get one, they won’t have any of their other financial aid or scholarships taken away.  Usually these scholarships benefit students with a low EFC more than students with a high EFC.

Sallie Mae Scholarship Search:

Scholar Snapp:

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*The resources and links cited here are meant to be used by the Reader as general information and do not provide any specific financial aid advise to students and families. Nothing herein shall, to any extent substitute for the independent investigations and the sound technical and economic judgement’s of the Reader.