Resources for High Schooler’s and their Families During Covid-19

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Dear Families,

Hope you all are staying safe and healthy during this Pandemic. Here are some resources I have put together that your might find useful as you go through the college admissions process in Covid-19 times.

I shall continue to update this blog when new information becomes available.

Here you go…


NACAC Statement on Covid SAT and ACT Policies

Over 400 colleges have signed the NACAC statement “affirming that students will not be
penalized for the absence of a standardized test score for admission in Fall
.” Read about it here–publications/newsroom/test-optional-means-test-optional/

AP Updates

For the latest updates go to

The AP make up exams are scheduled for June 1st- 5th

If you need to schedule one, contact via request form 

SAT 2020 Updates

For the latest updates go to

 College Board will provide weekend SAT or SAT Subject Test administrations every month through the end of the calendar year, beginning in August. This includes a new SAT administration on September 26 and a new SAT Subject Test administration for international students on November 7. They will also add a test date in January 2021 if there is demand for it. 

Other Fall dates for SAT are Aug 29th, Oct 3rd, Nov 7th and Dec 5th. Registration is now open.

 Fall SAT Remote Testing has been canceled!

ACT 2020 Updates

ACT has opened registration for Fall and is working on adding seats at locations less likely to close such as hotels and convention centers. Check the ACT’s Frequently asked questions for the most recent updates

For the ACT in July, students will be notified via e-mail on any cancellations and closings of their test center!

The ACT national test dates for summer are June 13th and July 18th with makeup tests on June 20th and July 25th respectively.

ACT has announced major changes to the fall testing calendar in the US. There will now be an
additional September test date, two additional October tests dates—and Sunday
testing in both months is now open to all students.

ACT Fall dates are September 12th, September 13th, September 19th(new), October 10th(new), October 17th(new), October 24th, October 25th.

There is still a possibility of late Fall and early Winter Remote testing!

Also- ACT will not be debuting the individual section retest option this Fall!

UC Updates

For the changes in the UC standardized testing requirements see

The UC Board of Regents voted to make UC Test Optional for Fall 2021 & 2022, Test Blind for Fall 2023  & 2024 and in 2025 come up with their own internal UC test or else eliminate testing altogether. The SAT essay and ACT writing sections will no longer be needed starting Fall 2021.

Virtual College Visits

As most colleges are not yet open for in-person visits, Students can attend virtual information sessions and connect with their regional admissions officers via e-mail. This will allow them to not only start researching colleges that are of interest to them, but also demonstrate interest to the colleges.

Sign up thru the colleges website or  use and

This spreadsheet compiled by Rebecca Chabrow lists colleges in U.S, U.K and Canada that offer virtual tours.

 UCAS list of virtual tours – UCAS is maintaining a list of UK universities and colleges offering virtual campus tours.

NACAC  tool

NACAC’s College Admission Status Update is a central resource of information about changes in college admission as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

You’ll find information on each institution’s plans and policies for admission events; for consideration of high school transcripts and standardized test scores; for decision and deposit dates; for fall tuition and registration plans; and more.

Other useful links

  1. How coronavirus is changing college admissions
  2. NACAC Update on Coronavirus
  3. Cialfo Covid-19 Resources
  4. List of Test Optional Schools
  5. Common App resources for students during Covid-19

As always, feel free to reach out to me via e-mail or call me 650-596-9583 to set up a FREE 45 min initial consultation via my contact form. I am here to support you and your family through the college admissions process.o