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Top 8 Ways for Students to Demonstrate Interest to Colleges in COVID Times Without Campus Visits

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Many colleges track an applicant’s interest in their institution and even use it as one of the factors to be considered while evaluating an applicant for college admissions. This results in a higher yield rate which refers to the percentage of admitted students that choose to enroll. A higher yield rate helps to indicate an institutions desirability and shows how selective a university is. Given the economic uncertainty due to Covid, monitoring demonstrated need has become even more critical to colleges and helps them manage their yield rate.

Here are the top ten ways you can demonstrate interest to an institution as a prospective applicant.

  1. Subscribe to their newsletter You can subscribe to the institution’s newsletter for prospective students, Make sure to open any email your receive from the institution as some colleges want Top to see that you are genuinely interested in learning more about the institution and go through great lengths to track this.
  2. Attend a virtual information session Since most colleges are not accepting visitors on their campuses you might want to sign up for a virtual information session. You might also want to sign up for a virtual college tour or attend a department specific information session.
  3. Subscribe to the colleges social media. This will help you demonstrate interest and also learn more about the college events and culture.
  4. Visit and engage with the colleges website. Some colleges track how often a student visits their website and which pages does the student look at. This will also help you learn more about specific programs and course work.
  5. Email the regional admissions representative from the college and introduce yourself and ask genuine questions you have. They will be the most likely the ones who will be reading your application and making decisions on whether to admit you or not.
  6. Participate in a informational or evaluative interview if the college offers one. You can sign up on the colleges website or by contacting the colleges admissions office to see if they offer it.
  1. Writing school specific supplemental essays is another way to demonstrate interest. It shows that you have done your research about the college or the institution and can effectively demonstrate how it is good match for you.
  2. Applying ED or EA to a college or institution is yet another way of demonstrating your interest. However when students apply early decision they are making a commitment to the college that if they are admitted they will enroll. Keep in mind that ED is binding whereas EA is not.

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