What Does the New Digital SAT Mean for Your Student?

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 Recently the College Board announced that the SAT is going digital. They will be moving from a traditional paper and pencil test to a digitized version internationally in 2023 and in the U.S. in 2024. The test will be administered under the supervision of proctors at testing centers or schools. Current Freshmen (9th Graders) will be the first students in the U.S. for whom the new test will be a concern.


Test will be shorter

The digital test is a 2hr digitized test that is a shorter version as compared to the 3hr current SAT. It no longer uses the traditional paper and pencil and can be taken from a laptop or tablet. The new reading passages will be shorter, with only one question for each passage, and the Math questions will be less wordy. The students will benefit from practice to familiarize themselves of the new format.

Scores will arrive faster

Students will receive their scores within days of taking the exam, helping them get the information they need to make key college decisions quicker.

Calculators will be allowed on the Math section

The current SAT does not allow the use of calculator in the non-calculator Math section. The new digital format will allow the use of calculators for the entire Math section.

Tests are adaptive

Each subject will be divided into two sections. Based on the student’s performance in the first section, an algorithm chooses the appropriate difficulty of the second section. This will help eliminate cheating, as each student will get a uniquely different test based on their ability.


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